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M.E.E.T. Ministry Jamaica Staff

Claudette Medder completed her general Nursing training at the University Hospital of the West Indies in Jamaica and immediately migrated to Kent, England where a full course in Midwifery was accomplished. She then worked in the USA in General Nursing and acquired a Bachelor of Science degree with concentration in Health Administration and Community Health Care at St. Francis College in Brooklyn, NY.  She later achieved her MPH ( Master of Public Health) degree at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD with focus in Health Administration and Comprehensive Health Planning.


After working in general Nursing, Health Administration, Community Health, Labor and Delivery and Emergency Care for a total of 30 years, she felt the need to acquire knowledge in a Natural approach to health care.  She pursued a Medical Missionary training course at M.E.E.T Ministry in TN, USA where this approach was taught.

As God providentially led she was placed in this work within a month of completing this training.  After working with Life and Light Ministry in FL and Maranatha Medical Ministry in Honduras she returned to M.E.E.T. Ministry and worked there in the capacity of Assistant Health Manager and later Health Manager of the Lifestyle Center.


For the past 17 years she has been working in the Natural Health arena and has been privileged to see God's healing powers as His simple methods of care are exercised to boost immune response and help the body restore and maintain health.


Again God led her to return to Jamaica to assist with the establishment of a branch of M.E.E.T. Ministry there. The branch was dedicated in March 2013 and she has been directing its operation since.       

Claudette Medder

C. Vanessa Kerr was called out of corporate Canada to become a Medical Missionary in 2004 and joined M.E.E.T Ministry in Tennessee four years later.  Her desire to be used by God, in any way He sees fit, led her back to Jamaica to be a co-founder of M.E.E.T Ministry Jamaica

C. Vanessa Kerr