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10 Day


Therapeutic Interventions (As Applicable)

  • colonics

  • massage

  • chair steam

  • hot tub baths

  • fomentations

  • salt glows

  • contrast showers

  • poultices

  • herbal preparation

During your 10 Day Session you will have the opportunity to transition to a whole food plant-based meal plan before returning to your home.  You will also continue the health classes which will teach you more about the benefits of applying God's Plan to your daily life.  Gardening will be incorporated as the weather permits. 


Resident of Jamaica

Individual - $112,000 JMD

Couple (1 participant) - $127,000 JMD

Couple - $187,000 JMD

International Resident

Individual - $1,800 USD

Couple (1 participant) - $2,050 USD

Couple -$3,300 USD

Apply Here

Please complete the following application and email it to us. We will contact you to discuss your next steps. 

                        God Bless

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