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5 Day Detoxification

Therapeutic Interventions (As Applicable)

  • colonics

  • massage

  • chair steam

  • hot tub baths

  • fomentations

  • salt glows

  • contrast showers

  • poultices

  • herbal preparations

In Romans 12:1,2 we are admonished to present our bodies as holy, living, acceptable sacrifices unto the Lord and to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Spiritual truths cannot be discerned and accepted if the mind is not renewed.  The mind and the body are very closely associated. 


During your first week at M.E.E.T. Ministry Jamaica you will experience a 5-day detoxification program.  The focus of the program is to restore the proper functioning of your body's organs of elimination (skin, colon, blood, lymph system, liver, lungs, kidneys).  You can decide to extend your program for 5 additional days (10-day session) or 13 additional days (18-day session). At the end of your session you will receive a written program. This program will be specific to your needs and will help you make healthy lifestyle changes.   

We accept any diagnosed health condition and ask you to provide copies of recent relevant medical records.  The following are some of the common conditions that we have addressed: HIV, cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, stress management, smoking cessation, weight management, digestive disorders, allergies.

Apply Here

Please complete the following application and email it to us. We will contact you to discuss your next steps. 

                        God Bless

Resident of Jamaica

Individual - $56,000 JMD

Couple (1 participant) - $64,400 JMD

Couple - $112,000 JMD

International Resident

Individual - $900 USD

Couple (1 participant) - $1,665 USD

Couple -$1,800 USD


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