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18 Day


Therapeutic Interventions (As Applicable)

  • colonics

  • massage

  • chair steam

  • hot tub baths

  • fomentations

  • salt glows

  • contrast showers

  • poultices

  • herbal preparation

The 18 Day Session is our complete program.  It not only includes detoxification, transition to a plant-based-whole-food diet, and therapeutic interventions, it offers an opportunity to receive continued education and plant-based cooking classes. 


Resident of Jamaica

Individual - $157,000 JMD

Couple (1 participant) - $177,000 JMD

Couple - $272,000 JMD

International Resident

Individual - $2,650 USD

Couple (1 participant) - $3,150 USD

Couple -$4,950 USD

Apply Here

Please complete the following application and email it to us. We will contact you to discuss your next steps. 

                        God Bless

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